Kitch Health

Chicago's Most Advanced Approach to Fitness


At Kitch Health we work to harmonize the body, center the mind, and ease the spirit in order to become truly healthy beings. In addition to achieving and maintaining physical, mental, and emotional balance through fitness in order to build a sustainable, healthy life,  we are driven to inspire, teach, and guide individuals to attain self-awareness.

WHO We Are

At Kitch Health, we use a holistic approach to health and fitness to identify barriers in your life that prevent you from living a truly healthy life. By addressing these barriers, we are able to mentor individuals to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. We believe being physically fit is just one byproduct of being truly healthy.

Unlike many health and fitness companies that only address the byproducts or symptoms of unhealthy habits such as, weight gain, excess body fat, cardiovascular disease, etc., at Kitch Health, we help individuals understand the actions that lead to this unhealthy state, and provide guidance to foster change.

Through our unique business model we are able to evaluate individuals' physical, mental, and emotional backgrounds which enables Kitch Health to create customized programs allowing individuals to achieve self-awareness.


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