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Open Letter

Throughout life there are many obstacles that us as human beings encounter and must overcome. There are peaks and valleys just as varied as the terrain in which we walk. It is not without self-awareness, that we are able to understand, appreciate and learn from these moments enabling us to continue to grow.

One of these valleys in my life forced me to face my ego; I was young, unstoppable, and distracted. It got to a point where neither I nor anyone else could recognize who I was. I had lost the discipline I learned from martial arts at a young age, something my father started teaching me before he had left our family - I had lost myself. However, if it was not for me losing myself, I would have never started down the path to find myself.

This moment in my life sparked the truth of it all. It is not what is at the end of the path, but the path itself that reveals who we really are. Through this understanding, Kitch Health was born.

Kitch Health is a holistic approach to health and fitness that focuses on the process of obtaining results rather than the final results.

Blair Kitch



-Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with Sports Management Concentration

_Indiana University Indianapolis

-IATA Illinois Athletic Trainer Association Member

-NATA National Athletic Trainers Association Member

-ACSM American College of Sports Medicine

_Sports Medicine Specialist

_Special Populations (Chronic Disease and Disability) Specialist

_Medical Fitness Specialist

-IFPA International Fitness Professionals Association

_Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

_Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer

_Serious Strength Training

_Methods of Group Fitness

_Performance Nutrition

-IQUIM International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine

_BMDP-NM Program Candidate 2019

_BCH Bachelor of Holistic Health Science Candidate

_MNM Master of Natural Medicine Candidate

_DNM Doctorate and PhD on Naturopathic Medicine Candidate


Throughout my career as a health and fitness professional, I have helped over 1,340 individuals reach self-awareness and have influenced over 9,700 lives. 

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